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Bible Diet Teaching Series By Dr. Richard H. Mays

Bible Diet Teaching Series By Dr. Richard H. Mays

Bible Diet Teaching Series By Dr. Richard H. Mays


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The Bible Diet By Dr. Richard H. Mays

The Bible Diet is a series on how to connect the wisdom of God’s Word, our obedience and the Lord‘s promise of abundant life for every beliver. See how Dr. Richard H. Mays uses his medical expertise and background to once again proof the benefits of keeping to God’s instructions, even with how we eat. This series is an expansion on Dr. Richard H. Mays’ book of the same name.

7-Part Series

Entire Series - $40
Individual Sessions on CD - $5
Individual Session on Mp3 - $3

More About Dr. Richard Mays...
Dr. Richard H. Mays is a physician with a calling and anointing on his life for divine healing ministry. He believes the Lord has given him an understanding and revelation of His Word that helps others to understand how to receive healing. Dr. Mays is a board-certified family physician and has been in private practice in Knoxville, TN for over 30 years. He is married to his wife of 36 years and has 3 daughters.

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