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Our Central Purpose

Our Central Purpose

Our Central Purpose

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When we get to the roots of our service to God, are we serving for His satisfaction or for a reward? In this heart-piercing series, Mike McClung pulls back the layers of unscriptural motives in obligatory serving by revealing what the Bible says about Abba's purposes in creating sons and daughters. You will also learn in this series that by embracing the cross of self-denial, we can begin to satisfy the desires Father God held in His heart before He created the World.

Part 1 - Overview of the Tabernacle of David

Part 2 - Called To Be A Bethany

Part 3 - The Eternal Cross (part a)

Part 4 - The Eternal Cross (part b)

Part 5 - Created for Pleasure

Part 6 - Keeping our Eyes on the Prize

Part 7 - Heart Engaged Worship

Part 8 - Transitional Freedom

Part 9 - Captivity Turned

Part 10 - His Completed Masterpiece

Part 11 - Summing Up all Things

Part 12 - Mature Love

Part 13 - Coming Out Of The Wilderness