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Contrary to popular belief, our salvation and deliverance is not primarily about heaven, nor is it so we can live a blessed, happy life. The truth is, we have been saved and delivered out of sin to be conformed to Christ’s image. This is Abba’s singular focus, and this is the purpose of our entire existence: Christlikeness.

15 Part Series

Part 1 - Ensuring Ultimate Victory
Part 2 - Conforming to Christ
Part 3 - Grace & Truth
Part 4 - God's Purposes vs. Man's Perceptions
Part 5 - Theocentric
Part 6 - The Power of the Cross
Part 7 - Mature Love
Part 8 - Called to the Impossible
Part 9 - The Way of the Cross
Part 10 - Joy
Part 11 - A New Government
Part 12 - God's Rule and God's Government
Part 13 - Creation is Groaning
Part 14 - The Person of Jesus Christ
Part 15 - From Captivity to Captivity

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