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Emerging Ekklesia, Series 1

Emerging Ekklesia, Series 1

Emerging Ekklesia, Series 1


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The Emerging Ekklesia, Series 1, By Mike McClung

In these troubling times, many Christians wonder what the Lord is doing in response to the darkness. Meanwhile, the Lord has called His people to BE the answer. But since so many in the Church have been taught wrongly that we are to simply endure until the Pre-Trib Rapture, the majority of Christians live in a day-to-day, self-centered mentality of defeat. How is it then that the Word of God says that even the gates of Hell can’t hold back what the Lord is building? The difference is, the Lord is building His Ekklesia, not the church model men have created in Western Culture. And His Ekklesia—the called-out, overcoming, governmental, Bride of Christ—is starting to bring the Light of the World into the harvest.

12 Part Series

Entire Series - $65
Individual Part as Mp3 - $3
Individual Part as CD - $5

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